Sachin Arora

Life at Sales Armour

Life at sales Armour is way more fun than any other corporate. Here, you being a part of an extended family of Sales Armour not only learn from visionaries but you get uncountable opportunities to build up a successful career.

A successful career gives you economical strength,  financial growth and a work friendly environment. Being a part of  Sales Armour, you are no longer an employee, you become a family where you get more opportunities to nurture your career, guidelines from well known and experienced industry experts and the best part is you, on your own self decide your salary package. There are no limitations to the income you get. You get a platform where you dig in exactly what hard work you put into. Age is not a limit and so is time.

More opportunity to explore your Calibre. 

The impact is actually evident and rewarded at different intervals.

Within the team culture as well as within the Investors clinic corporate there are so many events that are the evidence, how hardwork is rewarded. Some of the very phenomenal growth events in IC and SA are Rockstar (IC) organized every year after every financial year, R&R (SA) organized before every new year eve and last but the most renowned Diwali matlab Sales Armour wali where people take luxurious gifts to their home.

Become a part of extended family of Sales Armour.

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