Sachin Arora, a well known face in North India, is a Real Estate entrepreneur, Public Speaker, motivator, mentor and the Director of Investors clinic. “I don’t have any negative approach in my life. I attract positivity and it is what I spread.”

“I follow a simple discipline. I wake up early in the morning, hit the gym, eat clean, go to the office  and accept challenges daily. Started as a real estate sales associate, now I have a team of 250+ industrialists and entrepreneurs. I keep it simple to thrill in chaos.”


Sachin Arora was born on 17th Dec, 1986 in Panipat, Haryana. I belong to a simple Punjabi middle class family which has a priority culture of love, affection and looking after one another. The love and positivity I spread among my team comes from my family.
I remember, it was 2010, when I stepped into the industry of real estate with a splender bike and no backup. Being an MBA and CA intermediate, I opt for a sales job in Noida. It wasn’t like I didn’t get the MNC offers, it was like no MNC can give me the passion I had for real estate and still have. My ex college mates used to tell me that it’s a waste of time and won’t be worth it. Real estate isn’t a career that I opt for. When I joined this industry, it was already in a recession I say. I worked 12-14 hrs a day, seven days a week and even on public holidays. All I worked hard is for the passion and the calibre I have felt in the real estate industry. I am grateful to my family and my partner, who is now my wife. They had faith in me and I am here, as one of the most renowned faces of real estate.


After completing his graduation from Kurukshetra University, Sachin embarked on a journey to further enhance his academic qualifications. Driven by a passion for commerce, he transitioned to Noida, a bustling educational hub, to pursue advanced studies. In the vibrant academic environment of Noida, Sachin honed his skills and broadened his perspectives. His pursuit of excellence led him to JIMS, Greater Noida, where he successfully earned his MBA. The institute, known for its commitment to nurturing future business leaders, provided Sachin with a comprehensive understanding of business strategies, management principles, and leadership dynamics. The diverse and dynamic atmosphere at JIMS played a pivotal role in shaping Sachin’s holistic approach towards business and management. Additionally, Sachin holds the prestigious title of CA Intermediate, a testament to his proficiency in the field of chartered accountancy. This qualification further solidifies his foundation in finance and accounting, showcasing his dedication to mastering the intricacies of the financial world. Sachin’s educational journey, spanning from the academic landscapes of Panipat to the bustling cities of Kurukshetra and Noida, reflects a commitment to continuous learning and personal development. Armed with a rich academic background and a diverse skill set, Sachin is well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the professional world and make significant contributions in his chosen field.



Talking about a well known face of Noida real estate, Sachin Arora, a realtor, motivator, mentor and the Director of Investors clinic started his initial days of career as a junior sales associate designation in the same company Investors Clinic infratech Private Limited as his very first job in the year 2010 and attained the Position of Director in the same MNC on 6th August 2016.

Today, Sachin Arora is a well known name in the Realty world along with his  250 plus team which is known as Sales Armour.

“In 2010, I started as a only person back then. After some months, I started building a chain of other associates, taught them the art of selling, turning hardwork into smartwork and committing with new as well as existing customers. Year passed by and I didnt even realise how we became a family of 250 plus sales associates.”


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