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Sachin Arora Review 2022

Meet Sachin Arora


A real estate entrepreneur, mentor, author and Director of Investors clinic based in Noida. A well-known face of the Real Estate Industry who, along with his more than 250 plus Sales Armour family. The one who works to build faith within clients, provides excellent real estate services and their 100% satisfaction. With the support of Investor Clinic, he made it easy for buyers and investors to choose the best from the market. He has done a tedious job to achieve this integrity level and the spirit of entrepreneurship as a whole.


He is one ofย  those who turned their attention towards creating history and eventually succeeding with all the dedication and faith he held within himself.



Become a part of the fastest growing real estate team, our extended family : Sales Armour.ย 

About Us

Sales Armour is the extended family (sales team) of Sachin Arora in Investors Clinic Infratech Private Limited.. Current strength of Sales Armour is more than 250 sales professionals working over 30 plus Cities of India over 150 plus projects and 3 overseas countries.Sachin Arora has been designated as Director of the company on 6th August 2016. Each and every member of this extended family is trained this way by the upper hierarchy. Not only this each and every member is trained to serve professionalism in every aspects with equal importance to clients emotion as well as monetary expectations.

Vision, Mission, Core & Discipline Values

To become a quality and value based real estate service provider where the customer is taken care of all the necessity and solve all the shortcomings to improve the value and services for the customer. It is not only about becoming the number one real estate service provider in the region with the strongest team but also to deliver exceptional service and value to the client where the client is served with all the leverages and satisfaction while getting the best out of all the products available in the market. Last but not the least, to keep nurturing the quality of products, customer services and mutual trust to the end user.

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Team Feedback

Jimmy Ramdev

We learnt the discipline from Sachin Sir which is now, playing an important role in our achievements. He always guide me at every step as a true friend. He has always been there for me whenever I needed him. I am glad I am with him.

Vikas Tyagi

I joined under Sachin sir in year 2012, and since then, he shaped our career and help us to be more like him. Today I am mentor to a team of almost 30 people under me and I guide them the same way we learnt from our hierarchy.

Avinash Shrivastava

Our director has always been a true mentor to us. He could be strict and even generous for our welfare. We aren't bonded by blood neither like a team but as a family. I have learnt a lot from Sachin Arora Sir and I am thankful to be a part of his team.

Deendayal Arya

For me SA means Sachin Arora. I have been here for more than 10+ years and we always have his support in every circumstances. He is an businessman though by heart he is kind to all.

Yogesh Mishra

Sachin sir have a optimistic mindset. The way he leads all of us, we admire that very much. As a real estate professionalist, Mr. Arora always mentor us to how makes it easy for our clients so that they can get the best out of their budget.

Kalaam Khan

It was initially tough. But We made the competitive graph higher under Sachin Arora mentorship as a Sales Armour for the other realtors. We have learnt to give out the best to clients with 100% client satisfaction. In the corporate as well, we follow a curriculum set by him which help us retain the maximum output and achieve our career goals.

Ravi Hinduja

Sachin Bhaiya taught us how to make a team. He gave me a passion about the real estate industry. Not only to me, it's everyone, who get the equal opportunity to do outstanding in our career.

Dharmendra Kumar

Sachin sir provide us all the support including moral as well as financial. He always make sure that we are upgrading our way of working altogether. As a team we are growing at a greater scale and all I am thankful to Mr. Sachin Arora for giving me this enthusiastic environment of work culture.

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